The Band

The Band


In september 1999, a pamphlet circulating in seattle featured “the fresh sounds of Cambalache,” referring to the philosophy of the nine-piece seattle salsa band that made its debut that year.

Ever since, Cambalache has challenged and redefined the characteristic sound of northwest salsa scene. Never afraid to incorporate new ideas, or to drop others that have been exploited. Cambalache’s eclectic style is an embodiment of the richness and diversity of latin america. Deeply rooted in the latest music movements developing in cuba and puerto rico, Cambalache’s performances are a blend of great salsa classics and contemporary tunes. At each performance, audiences are seduced by the energetic atmosphere of rumba and nueva salsa.

Now, after six years of hard work and continuous learning, Cambalache has placed itself at the top of the northwest salsa scene. They have broken attendance records of virtually every salsa club in the northwest of the usa, southwest of canada and alaska. Their show is considered to be one of the most entertaining and fun in the nw for salsa dancers as well as for those who just love the music. Testament to this is that Cambalache was selected to play at the 2001 major league all-star game to a crowd of more than 55,000 people at safeco field in seattle. In addition, Cambalache has opened for some of the biggest names in latin music including grupo niche de colombia and el gran combo de puerto rico.

“Clasiqueando”, Cambalache’s first cd was officially released on april 23rd, 2004. Descarga from new york describes the cd as “killer dance club salsa... Highly combustible, get-on-the-dance floor tracks with zero filler material. Dj alert and highly recommended”. The cd has now gotten reviews from all over the world and it is being sold at the most important latin music stores in england, holland, germany, italy, switzerland, france, belgium, japan, canada, argentina, chile and peru.

Their youth, energy and intense passion for music are the defining element that complements the quality of their sound. This makes Cambalache a band with tremendous potential and a promising future.